Your Solution Partner in Cleanroom Control Systems

Rigel and Intmega, two important names in cleanroom control systems known in our country and abroad, joined forces. As Rigel&Intmega, it offers product groups such as particle counting, microbiological samplers and aerosol generators, past experiences and new advanced technologies to the relevant industries in Turkiye.

Who is Rigel Life Sciences?

Rigel Life Sciences is one of the most reliable and largest distributor of Climet, with the only accredited laboratory. Also being a manufacturer of its own high-tech products,located in Rome, ITALY.

Rigel now shares with us its vast experience in ensuring air quality and microbiological safety.

Who is Intmega?

Founded in 1993 with the mission of offering high-tech products to the Turkish market, Intmega operates as the distributor of world-leading manufacturers in Turkiyr and the Middle East, located in Istanbul; TURKIYE.

Now intmega shares its past experience in cleanroom control systems and its advanced service network with us.


The Power of Unity

Founded with their shared vision of innovation and dedication to their work, Rigel&Intmega joined forces to offer the needed high-tech solutions to the relevant sectors with great mastery.

With more than 30 years of experience, our goal is to make a difference with uninterrupted service. We are focused on providing high-tech solutions for pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive and many other industries. The biggest advantage of this partnership is that the solutions it offers with its strong history and advanced service network reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We have also developed the boundaries of our service scope; Thus, we serve customers not only in Turkiye but also around the world and bring quality products to the relevant sectors.