Aerosol Generators & Photometers

What is an Aerosol Generator?

Aerosol generators are devices that create or produce airborne aerosol particles (suspension of liquid or solid particles in air). These devices are used in many different applications, especially in laboratory, industrial and research areas where aerosol particles need to be tested, dispersed and measured.

Rigel is known as an aerosol generator manufacturer and offers a variety of products related to aerosol generators. These generators are capable of producing aerosol particles of the desired size and concentration. It is also designed to be used in applications such as calibration of test devices, effectiveness of air filtration systems, performance of ventilation systems and similar applications.

Rigel aerosol generators are used in many different areas, especially cleanroom management, air quality monitoring, testing of medical devices and environmental aerosol studies. These devices enable reliable and precise generation of aerosol particles, which is important in a variety of industrial and scientific applications.

Benefits of Using Photometers with Aerosol Generators

Particle Measurement Accuracy

Photometers provide precise and accurate measurement of particles produced by aerosol generators. This makes it easier to obtain important data such as particle sizes, concentrations and distribution.

Air Quality Monitoring

Photometers are used to monitor airborne particle pollution. This is important for applications such as environmental monitoring, air quality assessment and identification of health risks.

Cleanroom Management

Photometers are used to monitor and control particle levels in cleanroom or laboratory environments. This plays a critical role in ensuring product quality and employee safety.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

Photometers are used for particle analysis in areas such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing of medical devices. It is necessary for the quality and safety of the products.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Photometers collect, analyze and report measured data. This enables scientific research, quality control and environmental monitoring to be carried out effectively.