RIGEL RI8401 Aerosol Generator

-for HEPA filter integrity testing

Aerosol Generator Produced by Condensation of Oil Thermally Vaporized

Rigel RI8401 Thermal Aerosol Generator is the perfect choice to test and validate all kinds of areas. This is the smallest and lightest aerosol generator on the market.

Plus, having a easy-drainable tank due to a valve located at the bottom makes this unit the most practical unit you can work with. The RI8401 has the ability to start the generation with a remote control (optional).

The RI8401 has a great autonomy in continuous duty: at a median concentration it can generate up to 8 hours.

No need for special kind of oil to work with this unit: it generates perfectly with the most common fluid such Emery, Ondina, PAO4 and DEHS.

This unit starts to generate a consistent amount of aerosol at very low pressures (5 PSI/0.35 bar), giving the possibility to work even in very small areas.

RIGEL RI8401 gives its best in cleanrooms , operating rooms, safety cabinets, isolators and rabs.

At a Glance


Field of use

HEPA filter integrity tests (ISO 14644-3 – Section 3.2.1)

System flow rates

850 m3/h ÷ 119.000 m3/h (500 cfm ÷ 70.000 cfm)

Oil output capacity (typical) Oil consumption

-Max 340 mg/sec @8 bar
-Min 13 mg/sec @0.35 bar

Run time (Duration)

-974 min @ Min output (Min oil consumption)
-38 min @ Max output (Max oil consumption)

Compatible oil type

PAO (**) – Durasyn 164 – Emery 3004 – Ondina L – Smoke Oil 180 – DEHS – Smoke Oil 135 – Ondina E L

Thermal chamber temperature

Programmable with thermal regulator (max 450 C) (the temperature to be set depends on the type of oil to be used)

Oil tank capacity: 1 L

Compressed service gas

-Type of gas: Nitrogen, CO2 -Max pressure: 8 bar -Type of coupling: quick coupling

Ambient storage conditions

152 x 320 x 268 mm

Thermal chamber temperature

Programmable with thermal regulator (the temperature to be set (max 380° C) depends on the type of oil to be used)

Timer module

to set specific smoke on/off times or delay the start of smoke operation

Electrical supply

Selectable 110-120 V 50-60 Hz 10 A 220-240 V 50-60 Hz 5 A

Electrical protection

Internal fuse 250V 12.5 A (Appliance must be be earthed)

Ambient conditions during operation

Temperature from 0°C to + 40°C Relative humidity < 95%

Dimensions (L x D x H)

Min 5 min (< 10 minutes)

Pre-heating time

Min 5 min (< 10 minutes)

Operating cycle (Duty cycle): Continuous


8.9 kg (empty)

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Accredited Laboratory

Complies with the strict quality and safety requirements, thus reducing risk for the consumer.


Rigel Life Sciences devices and services are internationally recognized.

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