Climet, the Most Reliable Brand in the Sector

With RIGEL & iNTMEGA Assurance

The Power Arising from the Rigel & Intmega Union

Your Cleanroom Control is in Our Hands

iNTMEGA, which first brought particle counting devices to Turkiye, has maximized its power by combining its more than 30 years of experience in the sector with RIGEL, Climet’s distributor with the largest and only accredited laboratory in the world. With the power arising from this unity, we ensure the quality of your cleanrooms without interruption.


Highest accuracy Guaranteed

If you are looking for guaranteed accuracy and 100% confidence in particle counting, Climet’s Airborne Particle Counters are your best choice.
This high accuracy is made possible by patented metal ellipsoidal mirror technology. This technology offers the ability to capture particles in three dimensions.

Why High Accuracy Guarantee?

While other devices can typically capture a two-dimensional image of particles, Climet’s devices capture a three-dimensional image of particles, adding a whole new dimension to particle counting; It provides more precise and detailed information about the size, shape and motion of particles. Thus, it makes a big difference in volumetric counting, making particle counting more accurate and reliable.

Save with Quality

Solid Technology, Long-Term Savings

Climet offers durability and reliability with its products designed and manufactured based on high quality standards. Superior quality, long life and low maintenance requirements shape the economic value of Climet products.

Features such as stainless steel body, drop tests, and tight tolerance control are the basis for the durability of Climet products. It has been observed that all Climet products continue to operate with the same durability, remaining within tolerance (99.5%) for at least 10 years. This is a rate well above its competitors. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculations have shown savings beyond initial cost.

With its durable, reliable and long-lasting performance, Climet is the pioneer of economical solutions.