CLIMET CI-3100 Trident Airborne Particle Counter

– Internal Vacuum Pump + Wi-Fi / Ethernet

1 CFM (28,3 LPM)

Climet airborne particle counters are ready to guarantee the safest results with their known quality. Built for real-time monitoring, the 3100 Trident Series is a 2-channel (0.5 μm and 5.0 μm standard) remote sensor, with a 10,800 sample memory buffer, integrated light ring and enhanced diagnostics. It is used in continuous monitoring applications in Grade A or B (ISO 5) clean zones. . 1 CFM (28.3 LPM) flow rate is standard. It is the first particle counter with a built-in vacuum pump offered with Power-Over-Ethernet (POE+). Optional RH & Temp probe, the Trident series comes in optional Wi-Fi, and standard Ethernet TCP/IP configurations

At a Glance


Right Product, Superior Brand


High Accuracy

“In Tolerance” ISO calibration rate of 98%

Drop and Vibration Tested

Ensuring end-users can expect up to a decade (and beyond) of reliable operation

High Reliability

Over the past three years, 96% of Climet portable particle counters sold required no warranty repair service.

Tech Details