Mikrobial Air Samplers

How do Microbial Samplers work?

Microbiological air samplers are an important tool for monitoring and controlling the airborne spread of microorganisms. These devices are one of the primary tools used to ensure microbiological safety and product quality in a variety of industrial and healthcare applications.

Our Climet microbiological air samplers are designed for the precise capture and analysis of airborne microorganisms. These products, used in the healthcare sector, pharmaceutical production, food industry and many other areas, are indispensable tools for verifying sterilization processes, monitoring air quality and preventing microbial contamination.

With years of experience and expertise, we offer our customers the highest quality microbiological air sampler solutions. Our products are industry leaders in reliability, accuracy and performance. We are committed to providing the best technology to our customers who want to ensure microbial safety and maintain product quality.

Microorganism Capture

Microbiological air samplers are designed to sample and collect airborne bacteria, viruses, yeast and other microorganisms. This is important to monitor the effectiveness of sterilization processes, assess air quality and prevent microbial contamination.

Various Applications

Microbiological air samplers are used in a variety of applications across different industries. For example, it is used in hospitals to verify the sterilization of operating rooms, in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to monitor product quality, and in the food industry to ensure hygiene is maintained.

Samples for Culture and Analysis

Microbial samples are usually sent to laboratories and grown in cultures or analyzed by molecular methods. This is used to determine the type and concentration of airborne microorganisms.

Portable and Stationary Models

Microbiological air samplers come in different types, from portable handheld models to fixed-mount systems. This allows you to choose depending on your sampling needs and application area.

Data Tracking and Reporting

Microbiological air samplers collect data during the sampling process, which is then used for analysis and reporting. This is important for air quality monitoring and maintaining proper hygiene conditions.