CLIMET CI-97 Mikrobial Air Sampler

- Most advanced Portable Microbiological Air Sampler

100 LPM

it is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical & life science industries. The CI-97 automates the collection and export of compendial metadata to provide complete User and Data Integrity in compliance of 21 CFR Part 11. Includes a User Audit Trail, onboard sample memory buffer for 50,000 records, audit reports, and much more!. Meets all requirements and recommendations for ISO 14698-1 and BS EN 17141. Easily exports sample records to Lonza MODA, and other LIMS.

At a Glance


Memory Buffer

Stores metadata for 50,000 samples

Sample Head

Autoclavable Sample Head makes sanitation and disinfection easy

Battery life

More than 6 hours continuous sampling

Alarms: Audible and Light Ring

& automatic sample termination

Fully compliant with VHP

Direct Report Transfer

Transfers directly to LIMS, SCADA or MODA

300 Program, 300 User ID ve 1000 Location ID

Blower Technology (patented)

New ultra-quiet / ultra-clean blower technology

Automatic Flow Control

Touchscreen, Color LCD Display

Run GMP metadata reports, view pdf audit reports, and provides pinch-to-zoom and scroll capabilities.

Unit-to-Unit Cloning

Very small and light

Internal Battery Charger

Stainless Steel Sample Head

Right Product, Superior Brand


High Accuracy

“In Tolerance” ISO calibration rate of 98%

Drop and Vibration Tested

Ensuring end-users can expect up to a decade (and beyond) of reliable operation

High Reliability

Over the past three years, 96% of Climet portable particle counters sold required no warranty repair service.

Tech Details