CLIMET CI-x70 Airborne Particle Counter

-CLiMET CI-X70 Series, Small and light Industrial and Pharmaceutical Grade Particle Counter

1 CFM, 50 LPM, 75 LPM, 100 LPM

Small and light Industrial and Pharmaceutical Grade Particle Counter with stainless steel enclosure, and 6-channels with a built-in printer, pdf reports, and advanced technology ensuring high accuracy levels and repeatability of measurement
Drop and vibration tested for industrial use.
Now with Wi-Fi and RH/Temp capabilities.

With the most advanced technology and features, the smallest and lightest of its class, the NextGen x70 series 6-channel particle counters allow you to measure at 1 CFM (28.3 LPM), 50 LPM, 75 LPM and 100 LPM. It offers the possibility to analyze 1 m3 of sample up to 10 min and the ease of transport with its very light construction. It supports USB, Ethernet connections as standard, as well as many new features such as light ring and blower technology.

At a Glance



0.3 µm to 10 µm, some models up to 25 µm


4-levels of user security with user authentication

Display is a color LCD

Display is a color LCD (cellphone-type) capacitive touch screen display (pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll)


4.26 kg with battery installed! Lightest!


21.28 x 18.8 x 24.08 cm Smallest footprint!

Blower Technology (patented)

New ultra-quiet / ultra-clean blower technology

Light Ring (patented)

New user-configurable status and alarms (enable/disable, 5-colors, patters, etc.)

Fully integrated thermal printer and battery charger

Network time server synchronization - First on the market!

AC or Battery Operation

Battery life

Single lithium-ion for up to 6 hours of continuous operation - That's a 100% duty cycle with a zero-count filter installed.

Sample Data Storage

Up to a million samples or more!

User IDs

100, and factory expandable!

Location IDs

100, and factory expandable!


100, and factory expandable!

Audible Tone

User-configurable multi-pitch beep on count and alarm

Fully compliant with VHP

Right Product, Superior Brand


High Accuracy

“In Tolerance” ISO calibration rate of 98%

Drop and Vibration Tested

Ensuring end-users can expect up to a decade (and beyond) of reliable operation

High Reliability

Over the past three years, 96% of Climet portable particle counters sold required no warranty repair service.

Tech Details


Airborne Particle Counter

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